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Farmer Wants a Wife Dating – Channel Nine Series 7

March 1st, 2011 by admin

Casting is now on for the popular outback dating show, The Farmer Wants a Wife. The Nine Network’s hugely successful reality series is again searching for six single lonely Aussie farmers.

Here is what Channel Nine are offering for applicants:

Are you a single farmer?

This series we are looking for both male and females — the only pre-requisite is you must be a genuine farmer, aged between 20 and 60 years. While The Farmer Wants a Wife is a reality show, it is not a competition. There is no prize money and the only winner in the end is love.

If you are, or know of a single farmer who maybe willing to take part in this show complete the quick and easy expression of interest form and e-mail the completed form to

If you are a potential wife looking for a farmer, stayed tuned as we will reveal the results of our search for series seven here soon.

Things that you need to prepare if you want to fill in a successful application:

  1. Photo of yourself
  2. Photo/s of your farm
  3. Your name
  4. Your age and date of birth
  5. Phone Number
  6. Email
  7. Location of the farm
  8. Type of farm
  9. Size of farm
  10. Nearest town and airport
  11. Answer yes to owning a farm
  12. Answer if you live and work full time on your farm
  13. Accommodation avaliable on the farm, as in how many people can stay there.
  14. Answer if the farmer know that they are nominated? Obviously yes if you are the one filling it out.
  15. Answer have you or the nominated farmer been married or divorced.
  16. Finally if the farmer is looking for love and a long term relationship

Outback Romance for Singles Tips for Men – Part 4

November 25th, 2010 by admin

Welcome back for part four of what a single rural girl looks for in a single rural man to spark outback romance. Again, just need to remind you that these are tips, they are not rules that you must follow and that relationships are complex. If you seek professional advise please feel free to contact us on 1800 261 848 within Australia and +61 2 9570 7333 if you are not in Australia.

Be yourself

Being yourself sounds easy doesn’t it? You need to find a balance between speaking honestly about yourself while impressing her. If you put on an act from the word go and sustain it for a long period of time, they will expect certain behaviours from you every time. Believe me blokes, you will find it easier being straight up about your faults from the beginning instead of trying to hide them. She will be more likely to accept them and you if you are honest!

Do not over commit

The new age single women do not want Prince Charming coming in on the first date and starting up a commitment conversation. You should definitely try to avoid saying “I love you” or “when we have kids”. 9 times out of 10, she will not be impressed, she will be terrified. If you want to scare her away, however …

Have a backup

One of the rare occasions when having computer sense transfers over to the real world of romance and women. Having a backup may be the biggest lifesaver during a date, especially if it is a blind date. This tip obviously swings both ways – savvy single girls do exactly the same thing. In any case, it is important that you have it planned out before the date. On the sly let your mate know that you need to jump ship and just excuse yourself politely from the date.

Some things you need to look out for in a woman:

Now here are some things that you need to look out for, in order to figure out if the date has potential or if you’ll be calling in your backup.

Eye contact

If she does not hold eye contact while having a conversation with you then that would be the first subtle hint that there may be no interest. Another thing to look out for is if she keeps looking somewhere else and always asks you to repeat yourself.

First impressions last

This point is about the way she is dressed. If it looks as if she put at least some effort into grooming herself in preparation for the date, then that impression would last as a good one. But if she comes dressed inappropriately for the occasion, then you will have a bad image of her forever. This tip swings both ways – if you rock up in a flanno, stubbies and thongs she will never forget.


A girl with a stone face is going to be hard to be with. 99.9% of the time you both will laugh about something because it’s funny to both of you, not just one of you. If you’re telling a funny or embarrassing story and she doesn’t laugh (or vice versa), then you are in big trouble and it is time to bail. The earlier you detect this lack of “humour chemistry” the less painful it is going to be.

Just to remind you that romance is not locked on paper and that events and situations change people. You might be the perfect single man for your partner but some situation is preventing the romance to commence. If you seek professional advice for a long term relationship please contact us to help you look for the one.

Rural Romance Tips for Men – Part 3

October 13th, 2010 by admin

Welcome back for part three of what a rural girl looks for in a rural man to spark rural romance! Again, just need to remind you that these are tips, they are not rules that you must follow and that relationships are complex. If you seek professional advise please feel free to contact us on 1800 261 848 within Australia and +61 2 9570 7333 if you are not in Australia.

Do not talk about yourself all the time

It is not possible to start a romance by talking about yourself all the time! We all love to talk about ourselves, but to be romantic, you should show courtesy by asking your date what they are like instead.

This not only flatters the girl you are with, it helps you to understand more about her. This way you can make up your mind if a romantic prospect is worth pursuing.

So shut up and encourage her to talk. If she does not stop talking about herself, it can be a warning sign that the girl is high maintenance. But don’t judge too quickly, as her talking could just be the result of first date jitters.

Practice active listening

It’s one thing to ask questions, but then you need to really listen. Instead of just asking random disjointed questions of your rural girl, follow up with continuation questions to show you are listening as well as caring about what she is saying.

Focus your body language to convey that you are listening and interested. Some unconscious things we do when we are actively listening to another person is to lean forward, nod, and keep our eyes on their face.

Don’t ask for a kiss

It is a big romance killer if you do not have the confidence to initiate a kiss. Of course, do not rush it! But you need to be capable and confident of picking up signals if you are allowed to kiss or not. If you ask for a kiss you are just demonstrating low self-esteem. Always be safe on the first kiss – this means no tongue.

Some things you need to look out for in a woman:

Is she putting on an act?

If you are looking for a long term romance and you feel as if your partner is acting to get something from you – what else needs to be mentioned? If you sense that your date is putting on an act for her own personal gain, it is up to you as a rural man to either play along or to try to change the subject on which she is focused.

A sign that your date might have an alternate agenda is if you you crack really bad jokes and she still laughs. Another is if you say something which is not humourous and she laughs at it for no reason.

She is always on the phone or looking at it

Unless she has a legitimate reason, your romance will consist of her on the phone and you eating by yourself. If she texting to her friends all the time, or take long conversations on the mobile, it might be time for you to look for someone else. She is most likely not that into you and prioritises other things above you.

Just to remind you that romance is not locked on paper and that events and situations changes people. You might be the perfect rural man for your partner but some situation is preventing the commencement of the romance. If you seek professional advice for a long term relationship, please contact us to help you find the right one.

Country Romance Tips for Men – part 2

September 7th, 2010 by admin

Welcome back for part two of some small pointers for a successful date and some nasties to look out for. Just a reminder, that these posts are only a small portion of what is to come once you contact Country Contacts Australasia and our professional councillors. If you are ready to settle and are looking then it is time to call now.

Some more basic to commence a country romance:

Be creative and memorable to ensure a second date

Not all of us are lucky enough to begin a romance on the first date, so to ensure that you get a second one you need to be different. This is such a basic thing yet overlooked by so many guys who jump on the cliché bandwagon. Some examples of cliché activities are movies, going to the pub or a dinner only. If you are going to surprise her then do these activities but add a twist, for example if you are going to the movies you should dress up in a pirate suit if you are watching a pirate movie. This will demonstrate to her that you have a sense of humour as well as you have put in effort for the date.

Flowers? Chocolate?

Do flowers matter? What about chocolate? The answer is no. It is nice, but you don’t want to be seen just as another guy on a date. Like above be memorable and different. If you already know some background information about her then use it to your advantage. For example, if you know she likes wearing high heels, buy her a pair of thongs.

Don’t be Boring

If you ever have an awkward moment she will definitely pick it up, this is what I call the death of romance. You should first talk about an interesting topic and then ask her for her opinion or input. For example if you start talking about movies, state what movies you like and ask what she thinks and maybe squeeze in what her favour ate movie is. The most important thing is not to stay on one topic for too long, you need to continuously change and adapt to the conversation. One topic will hopefully lead onto another.

Now the juicy stuff. The things you need to look out for:

Annoying Laughs

First you need to make her laugh. Once you have her smiling from ear to ear you need to carefully listen to her laugh. You need to ask yourself is this a nice laugh? Now how to determine if it is an annoying laugh or a nice one:

  • Does she snort when she is trying to breathe?
  • Is it high pitched?
  • Does it sound fake?
  • Is she changing colours?

These are just some obvious signs that her laugh will kill your romance in the future.
Guys, these are just some basic tips, it doesn’t apply to all dates but it is a good start. If you want to take away the hassle of looking for someone give us a call and we will find someone who fit your profile to ensure a life long romance.

Outback/Rural Dating Tips for Men – Part 1

July 21st, 2010 by admin

Dating is an ever evolving activity metropolitan or outback and the tips associated with this complex activity will change case by case. At Country Contacts Australasia, these posts can only give you a glimpse of what basics to stick to, but when you are looking for professional and custom information for a long term partner in the rural region it is time to sign up and let our professional counsellors help you!

Now back to some basics. Once you are successful in obtaining a date, the following are some tips for you outback blokes to do:

Pay for the first date

This is a must! If girls are on the fence of whether to go on another date with an outback man such as yourself they will gossip to their friends about this topic. It is courtesy for you to pay if you asked her on a date. Once you are in a comfortable position with your special friend, then you can start splitting the bill or take turns in paying for the bill. However, on the first date you need to be the man and pay up.

Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing

We have written a post about What to Wear on a Date in the Country. Read the post if you are not 100% confident in what to wear on a rural date.

Day dates

There seems to be a stereotype that dates should be during the night. Some reasons why we have this stereotype are because of movies and TV series.

The advantages of a rural day date are that it is definitely more casual, more activities to do and you can wear more comfy clothes. During the day you are not hiding in the velvet darkness and you are showing her that you have nothing to hide. When you ask someone on a day date, it just seems to be more casual and the likelihood of her saying “yes” is much higher. Since night dates are stereotypes you will definitely be remembered as being different.

During the night what is there to do? You are limited in what activities such as dinner, coffee at a late night cafe and going for a drive in the dark. You can’t walk around and enjoy the sunlight and the scenery. You can’t have a sit down and chat at a cafe. You can’t ride bikes. You can’t scroll and browse through stores. You can’t have a picnic.

Ok, now that we have you sorted for your rural date, we need to address what you should look out for on a date:

Talking about Ex’s

Mate, if she starts talking about her ex it is time to call the emergency hotline and get out of there. This might be obvious for some but if you aren’t aware of this small subtle hint you are going to sink like the titanic.

We will continue to release tips for both men and women in the following months. So be posted, remember if you are looking for professional help it is as simple as asking by joining and we will give you aid for a successful long term relationship.

What to Wear on a Date in the Country

July 5th, 2010 by admin

As experts in the area of dating in a country setting, we know that what you wear on a country date can make or break the occasion. From our own experience and research, we’ve come up with some basic rules that all blokes should follow. As a bonus, we have even listed some things you should and should not do on dates.

The underlying principle for dressing for country dates is that guys need to be clean cut and wear different clothes according to the occasion. A good general rule is to keep comfortable but simple and use your fashionable female friends for advice – they will give you the thumbs up or down.

Well groomed for all dates

It is easy to forget to look after your grooming basics. Make sure the following are in check:
1.    Have clean fingernails. On a date you want to be spotless especially under the fingers. Show your date that you work hard but you are also a gentleman.
2.    Be clean shaven on the date. Being clean shaven can cut 5 years off your age!
3.    Make an effort with your hair. You may not care what your hair looks like when you are working, but to a woman this can be your most important feature.
4.    Look after your teeth. No girl is going to kiss a man with yellow plague around their teeth.
5.    Smell nice. Women love ‘nice’ smelling guys, just another bonus for the lady.

Movie Country Dates

On a date at the movies, the dress code is much more casual than formal. Some clothing items you can choose to wear on your movie date:
•    White tee shirt
•    Jeans (but they can’t be ripped, save that for your mates)
•    Casual shoes (no thongs)

Dinner Country Dates

On a dinner date it is a little bit different. Make sure you take her somewhere special and this what you should generally wear:
•    Nice plain dress shirt (tucked, generally go for a nice light pastel colour)
•    Pair of pants (dark pants, black or brown)
•    Nice shoes (can’t go wrong with dark leather)

Casual Country Dates

There are different things you should wear on a casual date and it totally depends if you are casually meeting for a coffee date during the day or a drinks date during the night.
•    Polo or casual button shirt (untucked and a light colour)
•    Jeans (a little more showy than what you would wear to a movie date)
•    Casual shoes (not chucks and definitely not thongs)
•    Dark casual button shirt
•    Nice trendy jacket (leather and not baggy)
•    Dark jeans
•    Same shoes as you would wear for dinner

Do NOTs for Country Dates

It is easy for guys to get excited and over do things so here are some stuff that you should definitely leave at home when going on a date.
•    Don’t wear too much cologne
•    Do not have a comb over like it’s still the 1980s
•    Use your hair as part of your personality. So do not wear caps or hats
•    Do not wear a sporting jersey

After following these tips and you are still unsure, ask a female who is roughly around the same age as your date or as close as possible. They will be the ones who will end up saying yes or no to what you wear as appropriate for your ultimate country date.

Online Dating & Relationship Service

April 21st, 2010 by admin

There is lots of discussion among members of our community about the changing dynamics of personal relationships and today’s technology to make this happen. Country Contacts Australasia is moving in the right direction and is investing in online technology. For many years, the phone has played an important part in communication and information. Now, times have changed and people are increasingly using the internet to communicate, cooperate, educate and interact with one another. Country Contacts Australasia’s new website has catered for the internet-driven and has made it possible for people to register their interest in meeting people, obtaining advice and support in order to meet other people. Unlike your typical online dating website, Country Contacts Australasia’s website is a starting point for any interested individual to register their personal details and can expect a professional and experienced consultant to contact them, in person, to look at relationship arrangements with compatible individuals. It is a safe and secure way to register your personal interest, add your personal profile and then expect an introductory service to eventuate. Country Contacts Australasia is an experienced introduction agency for people specifically located in the country, rural, regional and outback areas of Australia and New Zealand. This website brings people together and the vast distances in this big country of ours is no longer an excuse when it comes to meeting a suitable partner that ultimately ends in a life-long commitment between two individuals.